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Bruce Berry

My name is Bruce Berry and I am seeking election for the 6th District Nash County Commissioner Seat. I own Berry Landscape, a landscape contracting company based in Nash County. My wife, Ashley, and I are raising our family here. Like many others, I own property and pay taxes. I go to work every day and work hard to do my part to make this area a better place to live. I have chosen to make this county my home as my wife and I have both grown up in Rocky Mount. I love it here because of the people.

I am not a politician. I am a job creator, a problem solver, and a budget balancer. I am a skilled negotiator and believe I can find common ground among the many agencies and departments in which the county is involved. Nash County faces complex issues and I am eager to assist in solving our most daunting problems.

I believe one person can make a difference and each one of us can do our part in contributing something positive to our county. I believe I represent a growing group of people in our community who wants to find ways for us to all work together to accomplish great things. We all want greater jobs available to our residents, better education for our children, and less crime in our communities. One of the keys to accomplishing these common goals is to get people involved in the process and be willing to listen to a variety of ideas about how to get there.

Nash County should be more business friendly. We need to be an easy place for businesses to come and to operate and succeed. If we want our businesses to thrive, we must meet their basic needs. We also need to understand how to keep the best workforce here in our county.

Nash County is clearly a great place to live and to do business or I would not be doing both here. The renewed momentum is exciting. We are entering a crucial time in the development of this area. We have a ready workforce, relatively low property costs and reasonable taxes, access to rail and major highways, and many other attributes which can be leveraged. With proper vision, we can remove a few obstacles.

I will need a lot of help getting elected and I ask for your support and your vote.